Seminars (in-person training)

Take your healing to the next level

RPT is a safe and effective method for personal growth and transformation. It’s also easy to learn! Each RPT courses is different. Click the link you are interested in to learn more about that course and to see a schedule of courses in your area. For general information about our courses and their content, you should also read the FAQ about courses.

RPT Level 1: Healing That Works
Learn the core RPT tools: how to permanently change someone’s emotional state; how to remove sabotage; heal trauma and restore inner resource states
RPT Level 2: Re-Conception and Key Development Events
Resolve difficult problems in your life, e.g. restoring self-worth and purpose. Healing deep trauma without having to talk about it or relive it
RPT Level 3: Advanced Practitioner and Personal Development Training
Solve almost any problem (physical, emotional, spiritual, relationships, etc). This is a therapist training and a powerful personal development course
RPT Level 4: Freedom and “Instant Healing”
Master therapist training - heal others simply by changing your inner state. This is the most advanced, intuitive and profound training available
RPT Teacher Training Program
Become an inspiring trainer. Learn how to connect with, and transform, groups of people. After this course you may have the option to teach RPT