RPT Level 4: Freedom and “Instant Healing”

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pc Course Outline

RPT Level 4 is a specialist training for the most advanced RPT students and practitioners. It is a prerequisite to RPT Teacher Training.

The goal of Level 4 is to change the nature of therapy from a classic model focused on technique (such as RPT Level 1&2) or structure (how the technique is applied – such as RPT Level 3), to something new. The new approach is to create change through use of the therapist’ inner state. With careful control a highly advanced therapist can change the client’s emotional state through control of his or her own inner state. That is, the therapist can do a lot to help the client through their own self-mastery, with relatively little reliance on technique or structure. This is simply the next evolution or generation of therapy.

Advanced graduates of Level 4 can guide a client through an entire RPT process without the use of words (the client in particular won’t need to use any words, although the practitioner can offer some guidance). To some extent, the practitioner does all the “work” for the client. From the client’s perspective, the results look absolutely magical; though we must emphasise that this is applied science and psychology (any sufficiently advanced technology looks like magic!).

In addition to training you in this advanced intuitive form of therapy, Level 4 includes several new structures to solve specific problems that cannot otherwise be solved with other therapies. On this page you will find an outline of the course contents.

On RPT4 you will learn how to:

  • See and feel other people’s fields and armour at all times (in conversation with people, on the metro, not just in a therapy session);
  • To know how to remove armour quickly, and to know when enough armour has been cleared that an instant or “magical” change is possible;
  • To be able to see the resource trauma (the beginning point where resources were lost) quickly – to be able to go straight to this point to clear the trauma and recover resources;
  • To be able to create a “portal” to lead the client to the original trauma (this has the benefit that the client can feel the resource trauma before you clear it, rather than just trusting you to do everything);
  • Instantly clear trauma using the Empty State (without the Seven Tools or acknowledgements) – speeding up the RPT Level 1&2 process hundreds of times so that you can achieve near-instant results;
  • To clear ancestral parasites (or tribal blocks) and work towards the “Freedom State.”;
  • Improving skills of self-healing – making it easier to do RPT on yourself and having a regular self-healing practice; and
  • Create a Twelve Minds Constellation to unlock the most difficult problems in your life. When the cause of a problem is hidden from your own view, it is usually hidden underneath the armour of your minds. Applying Aspecting and de-armouring to your minds is a powerful way to solve the most-stubborn problems.


Master the Empty State – we start the course with a powerful technique that brings us into a profound new inner state known as Emptiness. This is unlike “silence,” “coherence” or other useful states that you will have leaned in RPT or in meditation practice. The Empty state is unique.

This state offers many practical benefits. You can very quickly find the source of the client’s trauma and you can instantly resolve it. It is an alternative to techniques like the Triune Brain Method acknowledgements. In short, the empty state allows you to make changes in your client, or in a field, using only your inner state. It’s a bit like creating a “black hole” in the field, which the trauma is almost “sucked into.” Another way to describe it is like pushing a big “Reset” button on the client to restore their state to the correct position.

We master the “de-armouring” process, which is essentially a combination of Aspecting and Sabotage Structure. Once you can quickly de-armour a client position, you can solve problems much more quickly.

The key here is that very often it’s the other person that has the sabotage (or at least our projection of them). For example, if you have a problem with your husband/wife/mother/child (etc.), a RPT therapists will ask about the benefit to you (sabotage). You may not feel any benefit and you may not be able to clear the problem. But when we apply the de-armouring process you can quickly check if the other person’s position has some benefit. EG “I’m not sabotaging this but my mother is!” The de-armouring process lets you clear that type of sabotage – the result is a much more subtle, flexible and powerful way to do RPT.

One of the most important (and difficult) steps of a therapy process is to find the beginning point of the client’s problems. In RPT we call this point the Resource Trauma (the point where the missing resource was lost). The Level 1 RPT process is a structured algorithm for finding this beginning point. There are much quicker ways which rely on intuition rather than structure. On RPT Level 4 we introduce two ways for rapidly taking the client to the beginning of their problems. (Note – it’s still necessary to do the de-armouring first). It is possible to find the source of the client’s problems in seconds rather than minutes (or even hours with some clients).

An important application we will study in class is “Attachment in relationships” (this is one element of co-dependent relationships). Very often we get stuck in relationships (even emotionally stuck after we are physically out of the relationship). This is a type of attachment. The best way to clear these attachments and free ourselves from all past relationships (and fix current relationships) is to use this attachment de-armouring process. This is one of the best and most important application s of the new RPT!

Discover the Freedom state. This powerful process allows you to clear hidden blocks which drive your loyalty to your family system or to your country. The process also works for biological parasites (e.g. viruses) that are inherited from your parents.

There’s a special type of inherited or systemic block known as a tribal blocks. These are pattern inherited through the DNA, which can have the effect of influencing (even controlling) our thoughts, feelings and behaviour. For example, there are times that we want to break ties with our family or with our motherland, but we cannot. Tribal blocks are one of the unconscious dynamics that keep bringing us back to where we came from (our “tribe”), preventing us from moving forward with our lives.

There are a number of problems of health, freedom and personal development which can ONLY be resolved using this Freedom State technique. Since every person has at least some of these inherited patterns, this is an important process for everyone

The coherence of minds is an important part of personal development and forms the structure of the Level 3 course. On that course you learn how to bring sets of two minds (e.g. “head and heart” or “heart and soul” into coherence. On Level 4 we take this to it’s next level – working with the set of all minds, rather than just two at a time.

Each mind has its own armour (that is, its own unique identity and sabotage). It is sometimes unclear which mind is sabotaging your personal development. By placing ALL of your minds into the field and de-armouring them, you can gain unique insight into your own behaviour, as well as quickly solve stubborn problems (emotional and physical) and restore your coherence.

The Constellation of Minds is a new way of treating the whole client – incorporating every aspect of the self. It has often allowed clients to heal stubborn problems that could not be healed with any other method. That is because at times there can be a dynamic between minds that can only be resolved by including all of the minds into the process.

This is a fast and effective method for helping difficult clients. It’s also highly effective for self-healing (working alone without a practitioner).

One of the most popular RPT process is the reversal of the ageing process (at least freeing it from emotional sabotage).

Like many parts of RPT, this sounds magical but is based on psychology. Research shows that many aspects of ageing are related to our mental and emotional outlook, as well as our relationship with our family system.

Releasing this sabotage can have a profound effect on our health, preventing us becoming old before our time.

Participants report feeling more youthful and energetic. Over a period of 5-10 years there is a noticeable slowing and even mild reversal of the ageing process.


Prerequisites: Level 3 RPT.

How to choose a course: You can choose a course based on your preference of trainer, language or location. You may check the teacher’s profile page to see if they feel right for you.

Investment: There is a significant discount for early registration and payment. In most cases an RPT graduate can repeat a course with any RPT trainer for a significant discount (at least 50%).

Hours: The course is taught over 6 days. Each day runs approx. 9am to about 6pm (some days ending later, especially when there is translation required).

Early bird discount: Significant discounts apply for early pre-payment

Please note that our cancellation policy is that payments are normally non-refundable, but they are fully transferable – e.g. to a later course.




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