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pc Course Outline

Do you think you have what it takes to teach RPT seminars? Would you like to travel the world sharing the most advanced methods for personal development and therapy?

Our Teacher Training Program is designed to give you the skills necessary to teach RPT as well as the business basics to launch your training business.

After this seminar you will be a public speaker and trainer (in any field) and you will significantly improve your communication skills.

At the end of the course the best candidates will be invited to become RPT trainers. Only those candidates deemed to be ready will become RPT trainers. Those candidates who are not ready will receive advice and coaching on what steps they must take next before they re-apply for certification. In most cases, after some months of practice, these candidates are able to become RPT trainers.

You also need to know that the becoming a RPT trainer means investing in a business franchise. There are costs involved, specifically an annual fee for administration and website / marketing costs as well as a royalty on revenue from RPT seminars.

Refer below for detailed Course contents.


On this Teacher Training Seminar we will cover:

  • What it means to be an RPT trainer
  • The objectives of RPT1 and RPT2 and the ideal audience
  • The objectives of an RPT demonstration
  • What is a “trainer state”? How to use your inner state to connect with your audience
  • Holding state in a classroom, how changing your state changes the whole energy of the room
  • Creating dynamic space – setting the energy of the space so that people are listening to you before you open your mouth
  • Dealing with difficult students; holding authority within the classroom
  • Business aspects of RPT, conducting your trainings.
  • Teaching a RPT Course –things you need to know
  • Practice exercises – RPT1 and RPT2 demonstrations
  • Preparing for assessment – standards required for being a trainer

If you want to become a RPT trainer, you will need to pass a rigorous assessment process. This is to ensure that you are ready to teach RPT.

We are looking for:

  • emotional maturity and readiness to teach;
  • emotional stability (e.g. have you cleared the emotional blocks expected of a graduate of RPT 3 and RPT 4?);
  • knowledge of the material in RPT 1 and RPT 2 manuals;

In addition we will assess you on these skills taught on this course:

  • ability to communicate your ideas clearly and effectively;
  • ability to connect with an audience;
  • ability to give a technically correct demonstration of the RPT process;
  • ability to handle difficult students.



Prerequisites: Level 4 RPT.

How to choose a course: You can choose a course based on your preference of trainer, language or location. You may check the teacher’s profile page to see if they feel right for you.

Investment: There is a significant discount for early registration and payment. In most cases an RPT graduate can repeat a course with any RPT trainer for a significant discount (at least 50%).

Hours: The course contains 6 days of material plus assessment. It may be taught over 8 or more days – refer to the schedule for details.  Each day runs approx. 9am to about 6pm (some days ending later, especially when there is translation required).

Early bird discount: Significant discounts apply for early pre-payment

Please note that our cancellation policy is that payments are normally non-refundable, but they are fully transferable – e.g. to a later course.




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