RPT Level 3: Advanced Practitioner and Personal Development Training

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pc Course Outline

Take control of your life, your health, your wealth, your Reality.

Our third course is really two separate courses woven into one. It is equal parts:

  • life mastery and advanced personal development training; and
  • advanced therapist training for leading RPT practitioners.

In short, on RPT-3 you will learn the most advanced structures and techniques to become a world-leading therapist. The methods taught on this course will enable you to solve a wide range of “unfixable” problems in yourself and in your client. You will learn these methods by practising on yourself and on each-other, meaning you change your own life just as quickly as you learn how to transform other’s lives.

In this video, Simon explains the content and gives a high level overview of the course:

The course is taught over 2 weeks (12 days in total or 13 with translation). Each day runs approx. 9am to 5.30pm (some days ending later). By the end of 2 weeks your life will have completely changed!

Numbers are strictly limited based on the size of the room and number of teachers and assistants. Therefore please contact us as early as possible to express your interest in the course. You will be supported throughout the course by a number of teachers and assistant teachers.

Warning: This course will change your life! You will have the opportunity to finally be FREE of all of the following:

  • Abuse issues;
  • Self esteem issues;
  • Worthiness issues;
  • Body image issues;
  • Financial abundance issues;
  • Support issues;
  • Sexuality issues/Sex and Intimacy Issues;
  • Depression/happiness issues;
  • Communication blocks such as not feeling heard;
  • Feeling lost or disconnected from your path or purpose;
  • Anxiety/ stress issues ;
  • Feeling trapped in fear;
  • Feeling stopped from following your passion or being true to yourself; and
  • Physical health issues (especially protracted health problems).

Consider for just one minute what it would be worth to you to be free of all of this (and more). With our very reasonable pricing and I’m sure you’ll agree that this is an easy investment to choose.

Download full day-by-day course outline (PDF)

To read some of the amazing testimonials we’ve received from our Mastering the Miraculous course, click here.


Even the most advanced and experienced practitioners and therapists will discover tools to transform their practice and to get permanent life-changing results for every client. Level 3 of RPT presents a new holistic approach to treating clients’ symptoms.

Most people have a mix of physical, emotional and what we call “spiritual” symptoms. There may be hundreds of different symptoms, wounds, stories, complaints, memories and traumas which interact with each other. This limits the success of conventional therapy. Here’s an extremely simple example – a client may have a shoulder pain (physical symptom) and he might also be going through marriage problems. The client is feeling pressured, unlisted to and unsupported as well as burdened by responsibilities. The question is: which symptom should the practitioner choose first? In RPT the answer is “All of them!”

With all other therapies besides RPT, it’s necessary to choose one issue to work with at a time, usually one per session. This is a real problem because (1) many sessions are needed and (2) sometimes no progress can be made because the physical symptom is preventing work on the emotional issue but the emotional issue is preventing work on the physical issue.

RPT solves these problems with a new approach to working on an unlimited number of symptoms per session – simultaneously. This is a radical new approach to therapy that literally saves lies.

We have many voices or centres of awareness within us. Most obviously we have the head, heart and body. In fact there are many more biological minds as well as countless voices that we have internalised. (Do you talk to yourself or have an inner monologue with your mother/father/partner? Of course you do!) These voices and conversations are symptoms of a special kind of sabotage we call a “lack of coherence.” Over time this sabotage takes a toll on your health, relationships, spiritual awareness and development. RPT provides the most effective tool for silencing this inner monologue and bringing wholeness and silence to your mind-body connection. (In fact the mind and body are one thing, and will unite through our Coherence process.)

The most powerful of the RPT techniques is a process for shedding the old identity and re-defining your sense of self. This process is so powerful that it can heal an unlimited number of symptoms, problems or traumas. To prove this, our students create a list (towards the end of the Level 3 course) of every single negative thought, believe, memory, trauma, feeling, etc. This includes every time they can remember feeling anger, resentment, hate, bitterness, etc. The longer the list, the better the results you are guaranteed to have. Then we demonstrate the process for removing the old “skin” (the outer identity later).

Since our negative beliefs, traumas, pain and suffering exist only on the outermost layer of our self, when we shed our old identity we also lose all this pain. What’s left – our new identity – emerges from within. Quite amazingly, after the process, when you look at the old list of traumas you cannot identify with any of them. You may have a memory of them, but it’s usually as if they happened to someone else. There’s no pain or tightness in the body, no discomfort at all to suggest that this is something that once happened to you.

Many disease processes are caused by or relate to emotional pain and suffering. There is an inner logic by which emotional wounds affect the body in specific and predictable ways. Most therapists are aware that some mind-body connection exists, but are unaware of how easily it is to decipher this “Symptom Language.”

Simon has developed a simple three step method to reading the body or an illness and interpreting what type of emotional wound is the likely cause. Every single person is different. It’s impossible to accurately generalise (that’s why books that list the emotions corresponding to each disease are superficial at best). With Simon’s new process, you can start with a client’s symptom and interpret the precise emotional states which correspond to it – for this client. It is different for everyone.

In addition to this Symptom Language, Simon has developed a 5 step process for healing physical problems which are caused by emotional states. Identifying the correct emotion (from the Symptom Language) is only one of the 5 steps required for your client to have an instant and permanent change.

Note: not all diseases and symptoms are caused by emotional wounds. Not all diseases and symptoms can be healed using this approach. However in almost all cases the client will have a measurable improvement. In cases where the physical problem is largely caused by emotional pain the results are usually instant and permanent.

At the end of the course you will be able to heal many diseases and disorders considered incurable even by the best alternative healing practitioners.

Simon will teach you an extraordinary new process that can eliminate parasites on a physical, emotional and “metaphorical” or spiritual level. Physical parasites include viruses and other micro-organisms. Emotional parasites include people in your life who take and don’t give back. Spiritual parasites include curses or “evil eye” or psychic attack – if you or your culture believe these things are real then they can have a significant effect on you.

There are precise emotional states that make us vulnerable to any of these types of attack. Transformation of these emotional states allows us to release parasites and set new healthy boundaries.

This is (to the best of our knowledge) the only therapy that has been documented and proved to heal the herpes virus and other “incurable” viruses or parasites. The results from this technique are incredible – people who had symptoms for 20 years often find the symptoms have vanished before the end of the Level 3 course.

The course is structured according to a carefully determined sequence of transformation. There are layers that need to be cleared first (such as self-sabotage and abuse issues), and there are layers that can only be cleared towards the end of the course (improved eyesight and hearing, accepting a new identity).

We work day by day, layer by layer, in the correct sequence to clear abundance blocks, support issues, self-work issues, anger, resentment, grief, boundaries, ego, control issues, communication blocks, trust issues, and our perceptions of our reality.


Prerequisites: Level 1 RPT and Level 2 RPT.

How to choose a course: You can choose a course based on your preference of trainer, language or location. You may check the teacher’s profile page to see if they feel right for you.

Investment: There is a significant discount for early registration and payment. In most cases an RPT graduate can repeat a course with any RPT trainer for a significant discount (at least 50%).

Hours: The course is taught over 2 weeks (12 or 13 days in total). Each day runs approx. 9am to about 6pm (some days ending later, especially when there is translation required). By the end of 2 weeks your life will have completely changed!

Early bird discount: Significant discounts apply for early pre-payment

Numbers are strictly limited based on the size of the room and number of teachers and assistants. Therefore please contact us as early as possible to express your interest in the course. You will be supported throughout the course by a number of teachers and assistant teachers.

Please note that our cancellation policy is that payments are normally non-refundable, but they are fully transferable – e.g. to a later course.




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