Leila is a professional psychotherapist,  graduated from the University of Innovative Technologies in Psychology in Moscow, Russia.
She is a therapist of Gestalt therapy, Art therapist and spiritual trainer.
She is a Global Life Coach and spends half of the year in India as a Heartfulness meditation trainer and Wellness Expert.
Leila holds many other prestigious certificates from schools all over the world – Past-Life Regression therapy from Brian Weiss, Omega institute, USA;
Emotional Trauma Release technique and Spiritual Technology from founder Zivorad Slavinsky in Serbia.

For five years she lived in India in the ashram of her spiritual Guru- enlightened Master, from whom learned the practice of Raja Yoga, and subsequently became the instructor of Heartfulness meditation.

She is traveling all over the world successfully helping people to achieve the state of real happiness, harmony, abundance and balance in different areas of life, to reach a permanent freedom from traumatic experience and repeated “negative” patterns from the past, to become the best version of yourself – Creator of own reality!

Over the past three years alone visited more than 50 countries, conducted more than 500 personal consultations, taught hundreds of people the tools of personal growth and spiritual improvement.


Psychotherapist (Gestalt method)
Life Coach, Art therapist
RPT trainer (Level 1, 2)
Spiritual technology trainer
Heartfulness meditation trainer
Past life regression therapy practitioner



    From 2012 to the present conducting individual and group therapy’s sessions at the field of psychology, transformational coaching, past life regression therapy, spiritual evolution, meditation  and also actively participate in the organization of international seminars, yoga festivals and retreats.

    As a result of working together with me, you can easily and permanently:

    • Overcome obstacles in achieving your goals;
    • To Identify your life destination and follow the chosen path;
    • To Realize your creative and spiritual potential;
    • To Get rid of the traumatic experience of the past;
    • To Restore all natural resources, gifts and talents within yourself, to permanently integrate them into your life,
    • To Transform the your pain into love;
    • To Get rid of repetitive patterns and negative scenarios / situations in life;
    • To Get rid of emotional attachments and any kind of addictions / fears / phobias;
    • To Build a harmonious relationship with yourself and your partner;
    • To love and accept yourself;
    • To Let the energy of abundance and prosperity flow into your life;
    • To Learn how to create and manage your own reality;
    • Learn valuable tools for independent work with your subconscious, emotional state and reactions to the world around you.
    • And  lots of additional pleasant bonuses, online support and useful tips on how to create your dream reality!