Simon is the founder of Rose Method (and previously, RPT). His techniques have solved some of the most significant problems in psychology and medicine. Simon has taught these techniques to many thousands of doctors, psychologists and complementary therapists in 20 different countries.

Before RPT, Simon worked as a corporate lawyer in a large Australian law firm and as an investment banker in London. He started exploring therapy and alternative healing techniques after he was diagnosed with a brain tumor in 2003. After receiving significant personal results from alternative therapies, Simon trained to become a therapist and a teacher of alternative therapies.

As the founder of Rose Method, Simon is responsible for research and development of the most effective techniques for healing and personal growth. Simon teaches all of the Rose Method courses, but his passion is principally to teach Practitioners and Master Practitioners with his RPT 3 and 4 courses. Simon personally trains all of the other Rose Method trainers.



    Simon has seen many thousands of clients over a 15 year period working as a therapist and healer. Every client is a learning opportunity for Simon. If something doesn’t work the first time, Simon will spend as much time with you, and if necessary develop new techniques, in order to get a good result.

    You can book a consultation with Simon to work on any physical, emotional or spiritual / metaphysical issue.  Most commonly Simon works with complex family and relationship dynamics, business and finance/abundance issues and the healing of complex trauma.

    Please do not book a consultation with Simon if you’re not 100% committed to your recovery. Simon only has time for 1-2 clients at any time, and he is committed to helping those who are fully committed to their recovery. If you have something you want to change in your life, and you’re not sure how to make the change, or what’s holding you back, then Simon is ready to help you.

    For new clients (who haven’t studied RPT), Simon gets the best results with a 2 — 2.5 hour initial consultation. This gives Simon time to understand your needs, explain the techniques and to take you through one or more life-changing processes. It’s much more efficient to do all this in one day than to return for two or three separate one hour sessions.  Follow up consultations on the same issue or problem are usually 30-60 minutes (you only pay for the time you use, in 30 minute blocks).

    In most cases Simon is able to guarantee the results of your consultation. This is something you need to clarify with Simon before the start of the consultation.




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