RPT Teacher Training – Moscow May 2018


Moscow, Russia
14 Jun 2018
22 Jun 2018

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14 June 2018 to 22 June 2018.


The start and end times may vary slightly day-to-day. We aim to finish by 6pm, but due to the time required for translation, there are days when we finish at 8pm

Local organiser:

Sergey Panin

You can contact the organiser using the form below



Pricing options:

Workshop cost: 46,000 rubles for past graduates of RPT 4. [Discount package available for RPT 4 + Teacher Training]
Early bird discount available until 14 May

For graduates of RPT-3 courses that were trained not later than 3 months before the RPT-4 or Teacher Training seminar, there is a lower preferential price 39,000 rubles (regardless of the date of registration).

NOTE: The number of places on the course are limited and in order to guarantee a place you must make a deposit as soon as possible.

Registration for the seminar is possible only after a deposit payment of 12,000 rubles

Driving directions:

Drive to 4ый Лучевой просек д. 4 in Moscow (place that address in your navigator)

Total Value: RUB 46000

Please choose from the following pricing options

Parking information:

You need to send the information (car number, model) no later than 2 days prior to the workshop by email to Course manager Katya Rumyantseva on e-mail: [email protected]

Public transport options:

You can walk from Metro Sokolniki (about 800 metres). You can drive directly to the venue if your car number plate is pre-registered with security.

Accommodation options:

1) The site booking.com you need to ask to find “Sokolniki, Moscow.”

You can search directly here with this link: https://goo.gl/MCcfV2

2) Rent an apartment through the site: https://www.airbnb.ru or http://www.apartator.ru/

Contact the organiser:


    Do you think you have what it takes to teach RPT seminars? Would you like to travel the world sharing the most advanced methods for personal development and therapy?

    Our Teacher Training Program is designed to give you the skills necessary to teach RPT as well as the business basics to launch your training business.

    After this seminar you will be a public speaker and trainer (in any field) and you will significantly improve your communication skills.

    At the end of the course the best candidates will be invited to become RPT trainers. Only those candidates deemed to be ready will become RPT trainers. Those candidates who are not ready will receive advice and coaching on what steps they must take next before they re-apply for certification. In most cases, after some months of practice, these candidates are able to become RPT trainers.

    You also need to know that the becoming a RPT trainer means investing in a business franchise. There are costs involved, specifically an annual fee for administration and website / marketing costs as well as a royalty on revenue from RPT seminars.

    Refer below for detailed Course contents.