RPT Level 1 (Norway)


Arnes, Norway
07 Feb 2019
10 Feb 2019


07 February 2019 to 10 February 2019.

Local organiser:

Azaris Fredriksen

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    The Level 1 RPT course introduces you to a radical concept: Healing That (actually) Works! There are two types of healing techniques, a “bypass” (a shortcut to get a temporary result) and a permanent change. Almost every single therapy that exists is a bypass. That’s why you feel good for a while but the results don’t last forever. RPT is designed from the bottom up to yield permanent results – that’s why we teach all the tools right in the Level 1 course. [For more information about preventing a bypass with your healing technique, click here.]
    There are two fundamental problems which must be solved before a person can make a permanent change. These are:

    • removing the self-sabotage or secondary gains of a problem;
    • identifying and removing the underlying cause of a problem.

    It doesn’t matter what technique or therapy you use, you’ll face these two problems. The unique strength of RPT is that we solved both of these problems (possibly for the first time). We can quickly teach you how to dissolve sabotage and find the root cause of a problem. And yes, we do all of this within our Level 1 Course. That’s why we call Level 1 “Healing That Works.” For the first time, it will!

    In the Detail below you can review

    • the full course contents;
    • eliminating self sabotage;
    • finding the underlying cause;
    • the Triune Brain Method for healing trauma; and
    • how to restore missing Inner Resources (feelings)